A new feature for citycycling, every month we'll be seeking the views of some of the best bike bloggers around the world. This month we asked them, "What's the best thing about getting on a bike?"

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.owen Owen Philipson - Drum Up

I'm a hyperactive person by nature and my pent-up energy festers and makes me crabby if I don't get moving. The best thing about jumping on the bike to go to work, nursery, the pool or the shops is that it simply gets the heart pumping, the legs turning and the air rushing over your skin. I get a thrill from the feeling of speed merely from a gentle spin. I'll arrive at my destination feeling refreshed and invigorated. For me the bike is a way to combat lethargy and feed my natural craving for exercise.

Am I allowed a second best thing? The City of Stirling is a beautiful place to live for a cyclist. Although there are improvements to make to the infrastructure, its compact nature means the whole place is accessible by bike and you can often beat the traffic while taking a nicer route and not having to worry about the ongoing parking headache.

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.mark ames Mark Ames - I Bike London

Riding a bicycle is an integral part of my life in a big city - I know the bike will get me where I need to be faster than most other forms of urban transport and it saves me a small fortune in train fares or parking charges.  What's more it lets me go where I like, when I like, and I'm always guaranteed a seat.  But for me there's something about the efficiency of bikes, not just as perfect machines, but in the way in which they don't pollute, add to the city noise, tear up the roads or run down other vulnerable road users that I find incredibly powerful.  The fact that unlike with private transport there is space enough for everyone to get around by bike is both egalitarian and democratic and knowing that each time one of us gets on a bike we are helping to make the city better is my favourite reason for getting out there on two wheels.  What else does all that, and lets you go "Weeeee!" at the same time?


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