.cbb Ted Johnson - Commute by Bike

Not being in a car.

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.eco velo Alan Barnard - Eco Velo

By now, most of us are aware of the many benefits of riding bicycles for transportation, some of which include:

• the health benefits that come from daily exercise;
• the surprising amount of money that can be saved by eliminating an automobile;
• the greater connection with our community that comes from being out and exposed to our neighbors;
• the increased appreciation of nature that comes from daily exposure to the elements; and
• the smaller environmental impact that results from reducing automobile use.

But beyond all of these tangible benefits, the primary reason I always come back to the bike is the simple feeling of gliding through the world under my own power. Simply put, there’s nothing that provides quite the same sense of pure freedom and childlike joy as riding a bicycle. For me, all of the rational arguments for riding a bicycle pale in comparison.

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.amsterdamize Marc van Woudenberg - Amsterdamize

I ride a bicycle every day because it's the fastest way to get around town, for any kind of purpose. It also allows me to stop at any moment, in any situation and do what I feel like, without annoying fellow Amsterdammers, a real freedom of movement, if you will. While cycling I get to unwind, relax, either process experiences of that day, let them go, re-energize for inspiration or let my mind run free. Absorbing and observing, I feel so attached to my city’s fabric & buzz, cycling also allows me to experience it in a slightly different way, every single day.  Never a dull moment.
In short, cycling is good for my (mental) health, cycling saves me time…and most importantly, it’s dirt cheap. A no-brainer, really.

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.david hembrow David Hembrow - A View From the Cycle Path

My part in this is tiny. When I ride my bike I'm just making one of 13 million cycle journeys each day in the Netherlands. I blend with the crowd. That still feels amazing. I'm lucky to be here.

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