5 Essential Commuting Accessories. (no lycra necessary)

After reading a terrible puff piece promoting an online sellers wares I thought I would come up with five things every cycle commuter should have in their possession. There are no links to specific products, there are plenty of reviews out there, but something from each category should be on your bike or person whenever you leave the house. Those who do not comply will be shot.

The big G

I'm going to come right out and say it, sometimes we fall off our bikes. As most of us ride upright many UPD's (unplanned dis-mount's) result in us flying forwards head first. So what do you put infront of your head to catch yourself? Yah. This is the primary reason for having a set of cycling mits but there are a few others like protecting the ulnar nerve (that runs across your palm) from becoming compressed and causing handlebar palsy and keeping your hands warm enough to operate the controls. What's worse than no brakes? Having brakes but being unable to use them because of windchill! Many gloves also have an absorbent section for wiping the sweat from your brow.

* * *

The 2 R's

Really, these things are amazing! Exactly what material science is for! (That and making ultrablack) Its like lights for free, retro-reflectives like Scotchlight reflect all light nearly straight back at its source, whatever the angle of the reflecting surface. In other words if you shine a light at a normal mirror that is facing you you will dazzle yourself, but as you turn the mirror the light is reflected at a different angle, with a retro-reflective mirror the light dazzles you no matter how much you tilt the mirror. Its lights for free, and you can look like Tron. Lots of cycling and running specific clothing has this material included in the design, but I promised no lycra so for your everyday city needs you can get iron-on retro-reflective stickers that can be cut to any shape and are washable. For the seriously style conscious cyclist with some money to burn check out Dashing Tweeds.


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