.phto competition

Why not celebrate the relaunch of Citycycling with a nice little competition?
And what better a subject than the bikes we all love?

The idea came to me after spotting the graffiti in the picture above, and it just seemed to sum up my bikes to me. Not that they're like real friends you understand. I don't invite them in for dinner, or go out for a drink with them. Well. Not literally, they may get me there in order to have the drink.

Anyway. I want to see your pictures showing just what your bike means to you.

So how do you enter? Simply upload your pictures to the citycycling Flickr group (click here) and tag them with 'citycyclingcomp'. Next month I'll announce the prizes that could fall your way for winning, and the month after, in issue 3, the winners will have their moments of glory.


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