Erm. Hello again….

Yes, this is it, the rebirth of citycycling. Not as a blog, but right back where we started, an online cycling magazine determined to fill that gap to real urban riding - commuting, playing, campaigning. We're not trying to be 'cool' or 'hip', which is just as well I guess, but we do a fine line in honest and belligerent… And I do mean 'we' this time round. No, I've not taken on staff, but I've rounded up a nice core of regular contributors, with more to come. So now there are experts in law, in music, in being stroppy, in design, in all sorts of areas that gives this publication breadth and interest.

But why? As has been pointed out to me, the message in the last of volume 1 of citycycling was one imbued with a weariness and desire to do something different, to re-assess how to do things. The simple answer is, I've missed it. Putting this together every month had just become part of life, and the time away made me realise that it was a part that deep down I still enjoyed. Riding to work in the morning something would happen and I wouldn't have an outlet; I'd get the 'perfect' cycling photo and have nowhere to crow about it; someone would send me a really interesting press release and I'd have to let them know that citycycling was no more.

So around November last year the decision was taken to re-launch, and since then I've been trying to work out just how to go about it. Rather than explaining any of the reasons and justifications, well, why not just click through the pages here and see what you think. And let me know. You can get me directly either by emailing anth@citycycling.co.uk, or through Twitter where I am @urbancyclist.

It really is good to be back.

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