A recent trip to London provided plenty of opportunity for bike spotting and it wasn't long before I came up with a few rules regarding cycling in the Big Smoke. So here they are, the....

10 Commandments of London Cycling

Thou shalt see cyclists

Thousands of them. Well okay, maybe not all at once but those photographs of fleets of cyclists waiting in advanced lanes are not carefully shot after waiting for ages at a set of lights before giving up, photographing any cyclists that you see then photoshopping them all together. Pretty amazing sight really.

Honour thy Boris Bikes

It took us roughly 30 seconds to see a Boris Bike. Hardly had we emerged blinking from Kings Cross Station when a chap whizzed past on the distinctive looking bike. We were to see a great many of these during our stay in London, they really do seem immensely popular. Really wished we could ride them too. Well I did. Would have come in really handy and there seem to be lots of stances of them. Hurray for Boris Bikes!

Thou Shalt not covet Segregated Cycleways

There were a lot of these too. All horrifying. Most were extremely narrow and often on the wrong side of the road or two way making it almost impossible for an intrepid pedestrian to know where to look when crossing the road. One particular ediface combined large numbers of multiway cycle lanes all apparently meeting in the middle with no clue as to what one was supposed to do when meeting another cyclist coming in the opposite direction. Squeamishness prevented me from hanging around to find out.

Thou Shalt not laugh at Fixie Fashionistas

I am definitely going to hell on this one. My husband couldn't really understand why I kept poking him in the side and whispering sotto voce (traffic noise doesn't permit real whispering) “look at his handlebars/trousers/paint scheme!” Still at least I can work out why they cycle since walking in those jeans must be quite difficult. And the guy with a big plastic flower tied to the back of his saddle deserves a special mention.


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