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Have a look at this recent advert for the Citroën C4 'Micro-Hybride'...

Look everyone! Citroën has produced a car so environmentally friendly that cyclists will want to ride behind it just to benefit from the wonderfully clean air that wafts behind it! Except...

The 'Micro-Hybride' basically features a 'stop-start' motor (so the engine only stops running when the car is at a standstill, and it's hardly an innovative development anyway), and offers some energy benefit through regenerative braking. That really is about it. The car still runs on a normal engine - it has improved emissions certainly, which is to be lauded, but that exhaust pipe still churns out emissions which, I'm sure most cyclists will agree, they wouldn't be in a hurry to follow behind.

Another example of a cynical car giant jumping on the cycling bandwagon? Shouting to consumers that they can be as green as a bike but still not look like a poor wretch who can't afford a car?

I'm going to say yes. Because it's true.

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