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Every time I've filmed a commute in the summer, I'm hopelessly drawn back to one track: The Winston Giles Orchestra's “We Wait For Sunrise”. It's appeared on the soundtrack of every ride snippet I've ever created and posted anywhere (like this one, for example....

It just seems (for me, anyway) inexorably linked to the cadence of rush-hour riding, with a real feeling of the sunshine beating down through the beats and the melody. The opening synth ripples grab you with a building urgency ; they whisper quietly in your ear - “Get ready to put the power on and let's get shifting here!”, before kicking you into the initial burst of speed and then easing off, as if it instinctively knows that you're slowing for the lights. Then the stillness is over, you're picking up speed again and you're off and picking your way through the traffic, filtering past the flustered motorists caged and sweating in the midsummer heat.

You can find (and buy) the track by clicking here... .wgo


It's taken from the 2004 release, 'Songs for Sunrise', the first album by this popular Australian band, formed in 2004 by the successful Australian singer/ songwriter Winston Giles. They released a follow-up in 2006, “A Magnificent Beautiful Day”, though the next album after that, slated for 2007, has yet to appear. Winston released a solo album, “LOVERS”, in 2008 which was a stylistic departure from the well-trodden sound he'd created with the Orchestra.

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Grant Mason is the man beyond the superb music podcast Three From Leith, and also happens to be a cyclist.

For more information on Winston Giles, click on any of the following links:
http://www.winstongilesorchestra.com/ - http://winstongiles.com/home.php - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Winston_Giles


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