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.ride id.ride id (iphone) free

A few years ago an ICE (In Case of Emergency) 'bracelet' hit the market. Road ID was an American product, like dog tags for a cyclist, worn as if a watch, with important details etched into the metal face. It was one of those simple ideas that seemed total off internationally, and now the idea has moved into the 21st century in the form of an app from the folks at Cycling Plus magazine (with a dangerously similar name).

All you have to do is put some information into the app (Name, Date of Birth, Two Emergency Contacts, any pertinent medical details), which it then presents in a single-page format. You take a screenshot and set the image as your lock screen. With that done, if you are unfortunate enough to be in an incident the emergency services (who often look for phones as a means of identification) will have immediate access to allergies or medical conditions and who to contact for you.

Of course there's nothing stopping anyone at all putting all of that information into a note on their screen, snapping that, and setting it as the home screen. But this app makes it more likely that you WILL do that, though you do have to remember to re-set it if between rides you like to have something a bit more personalised on there. It's also a bit of a cheat on the part of the app, not really doing anything 'intelligent', simply presenting the details in easily photographable form. But hey, it's free.

Available from Apple's iTunes Store here.


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