It's good to be back folks. It really is. Shiny new citycycling, and you'll never believe the back and forth there has been getting opinions on the new look. And that's knowing that you'll never be able to please everyone either. But then as a cyclist you'll know you can't please everyone. Actually, pleasing anyone would be nice.

We're back just in time for those south of the Border to have joined those north in having all of the kids back to school, leading to the upsurge in traffic as people return from holiday; as well as finding ourselves slipping ever so gracefully from the summer into autumn. You did notice the summer didn't you?

And yet there is possibly no better time (in recent memory) to be a cyclist int he UK. Off the back of a fantastic Olympic games for Team GB in general, and the velodrome domination in particular, could this be time for the cycling revolution to take hold completely? We look at that very question in Issue 11 of the second volume of citycycling, amongst quite an assortment of other things.

Enjoy. We're not going away now for quite some time...


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