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citycycling is back, and it's back to being monthly (ish)
the next issue will be going online on friday october 12th
and this is just a little taster of what might be coming up

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How to build your own Carry Freedom trailer
For years now we've been in possession of the plans for the Carry Freedom bamboo trailer. This can, however, be built from any suitable material, and after high winds earlier in the year took down a gazebo of editor Anth, the old poles are serving as the basis for the build. Can it live up to the Noomad?

* * *

Scicon Bags - can a solar powered bag really work in the UK?
There's something nice about the idea of using the power of the elements while you're out riding. We've pondered small wind turbines on the handlebars, given a cyclist always has a headwind; and naturally you can draw power from a dynamo wheel. But harnessing the sun? When not in Scicon's Italian home?

* * *

Allo Allo Allo, we've been peaking to the police
Just what does it take to get a squad of bike bobbies on the beat? We've gone to the Sarge to get the lowdown on the bikes, the numbers, the crimes and the criminals. There are also campaigns to bring about better driving and cycling; even the enforcement of ASLs.

* * *

Harold Briercliffe Cycling Touring Guides
Yeah yeah, another set of cycle guides. But trust us, these are nicely different, being updated classic guides with some lovely explanations of the routes from a bygone golden age of cycling. The retro look sets it all off, these are just a great read, even if you don't intend to ride the routes.

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