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Madam Raven is citycycling's resident cycling agony aunt.
You can send her a question (we're assured on virtually anything) to madam@citycycling.co.uk

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So. Here we are again. One could go on at some length regarding how disappointed one is about the paucity of queries arriving here at CityCycling, but one shall refrain. One can only hope the fact our metaphorical postbag weighs less than the grease lubricating the chain on Bradley Wiggins's GRAAL is a reflection of the erudite competency of our readers. One would, however, beseech said readers perhaps to introduce some less experienced cyclists to our humble publication, and then one can attend to their inquiries in between fettling the Stealth and teaching Mr Raven how to replace a spoke. One has to amuse oneself somehow, and one can tell Mr Raven is becoming tired of pretending he does not know how to true a wheel.

Of course, if you are merely shy, or do not want your cycling chums to know that you are not, in fact, the Stephen Fry of cycling trivia, please feel free to send in questions under a nom de plume. They need not be your questions. You can always ask a question on behalf of a friend, colleague or random stranger. You could, if so inclined, even ask a question to which you already know the answer, merely because you think the general readership would benefit from it.

The more interesting the better.

As there are no questions for me to answer in this issue, I thought I would offer up instead something both useful and delightful. The humble flapjack is, perhaps, the most under-rated of foodstuffs in this age of energy bars and protein shakes made from SCIENCE. The flapjack is full of slow-release energy in the form of oats, while the glucose syrup and sugar provide that instant hit to lift the spirits. There is nothing finer at 3am on an all-nighter than a cup of strong black coffee and a soft, delectable flapjack (although there is a lot to be said for a hipflask of Ardbeg). This is my favourite flapjack recipe. Please feel free to adapt it as you please.


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