I passed my first anniversary of cycling for utility a little over a year ago, and cycling for fun's anniversary is about to come up. It's not been unbelievable in the sense that I think I hallucinated the highlights or are in the midst of some inverse-psychosomatic phantom fitness, I just mean I can use myself as an example of the frustrating thing about evangelising bikely; it's unbelievable.

I work two jobs, which are perpendicular to each other on the clockface of Edinburgh geography, and living carless I was under the impression my only option was using the buses. I've mixed feelings about this next part since it's essentially bad press for the trundling seraphim we call Lothian Buses, but I can't deny that using a bike beats the entire lower-half wardrobe off public transport. I would not have believed you that I would, within a year, be saving an hour and ten minutes per day, arguably, on one hour and forty-five minutes of commute. Even if I laid out the numbers.

Okay. Numbers, laid out:

Walk from flat to stop: 5min
5 minutes safety margin because the Bus Tracker was a dissembling lateness breeder: 5min
Time on 35 bus to Gyle: 20min
Waiting on 22: 5min.
Getting to Lothian Road: 15min
Waiting on 15/16/11: 10min
Getting to Morningside: 20min
Walking home: 25min.
Total = 1hr 45min.

Bike to Gyle. Can make it in 11min, usually pootle in 15
Bike to Morningside. Can make it in 15 min, usually detour and pootle home for an extended lunch break with my extra time
Bike home. Not even sure how quick I am. 5min is the uphill when pushing. Unlikely the downhill is slower
Total = 31-45 minutes.


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