.uneasy riders

The year is 2036 and Prime Minister Clarkson has banned all forms of cycling. However, a small band of cyclists continue to flout the laws, forming a loose band of resistance. The Ministry for Transport has infiltrated this group, using Callum, a civil servant, to plant BROOKS, a robot with one single goal. Eradication of all cyclists.

But now, a long forgotten name has resurfaced. Sheldon is back. And Callum has his orders, Sheldon must die.

* * *

How could this man, this... parody of a man, be so dangerous? He had a ridiculous beard. And look, his helmet, there was some little bird statuette or something stuck to the top of it. It was ridiculous, there must have been some sort of a mistake at the Ministry, this couldn't possibly be the feared 'Sheldon'. BROOKS was standing impassively beside me, a faint whirr in the background as his eyes caught focus on the figure, I could tell the processor was doing the identity checks. Then it stopped. BROOKS remaining impassive, but a tiny light behind his ear, almost imperceptible, showing the datalink was operating again, and confirmation of the identity, together with details of the location (in case I failed) were being uploaded.

"And who is this?" he motioned in my direction, the Republic of Portlandia drawl clear, somehow fitting his appearance.

"I'm Callum sir."

"Sir is it? I ain't be called 'sir' in a long time. You a cyclist boy?"

I couldn't afford to hesitate, "Yes, absolutely, love my bikes I do, going for a spin, honking... Erm... Bonking.... All the fixies and the... foldies and the racies. Oh yes. I'm a cyclist."



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