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Joe Tree is the man behind the photo-blogging phenomenon that is Blipfoto, a site that users upload one photo a day to, with as much, or as little, commentary as you wish.

In the last few years Joe rediscovered cycling, and has become something of a force for good, and we're happy to announce that Joe has agreed to let us share his thoughts (and images) with you.

* * *

In November last year I was cycling up Leith Walk, in the green lane, when a black cab passed within inches of me, beeping his horn. I don't scare easily on my bike, but this gave me a proper fright.

I caught up with him at the next junction (as you always do with motorised vehicles in the city) banged on the window and asked the driver (without the use of a single profanity) what his problem was. He turned bright purple, got out of his cab, started shouting and swearing two inches from my face, tried twice to push me off my bike and told me I should get out of his way and cycle "in the gutter."

There was a police station right over the road, so I reported him straight away.

Six months later, the man - all of whose details I took and gave to the police at the time - still hasn't been spoken to. Due to the time it was taking, I lodged a complaint, and a senior officer visited me tonight to talk it all over. He accepted quite openly that they haven't done their job properly.

But that wasn't what surprised me.

What surprised me is that this officer is a keen cyclist himself, and spends his spare time riding the country roads around Perth. But he wouldn't for a minute consider riding in the city. He said the way people drive is awful, and he considers it far too risky - a stance re-enforced all too often by the accidents he has to deal with.



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