What? A police officer is too afraid to cycle on the roads of the city he works in?

I know us two-wheeled travellers like to have a moan about inconsiderate motorists, but this shows just how deeply wrong this has all become. How did we let ourselves get into a situation where people in charge of cars and taxis are allowed, through ignorance, aggression or blatant disregard, to terrorise, injure and kill their fellow citizens?

Cycling has enjoyed a huge upsurge recently, which is brilliant. Since I got back on my own bike a couple of years ago, I've realised just how few car journeys are actually necessary, how good a bike can be for your health, the amazing sense of freedom you get, and how quick it is to get around.

There's an opportunity to build this wave into something big and permanent, which benefits everyone - including those who choose to stay in their cars. But tonight I've realised something radical needs to happen first. If an obviously brave and confident person who's also a competent and experienced cyclist wouldn't consider using our city roads, what hope do we have to get the inexperienced and unconfident out there?

Somehow we've let cars take over the world, and it's shit. The balance needs to shift.

How, I don't know, but it has too.

Oh, and after the policeman left, I built a fold-away bike maintenance bracket and attached it to the ceiling of my shed. Quite pleased, I was.

.joe tree

* * *

Joe originally wrote this piece on 28th May this year, and as far as we know the bike bracket still survives.


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