meet some of the main contributors to the monthly marvel that is citycycling!

.anthony robson

Citycycling is the brainchild of Anthony Robson, a daily cycling commuter. He edits the website, as well as contributing content and photographs, in between constant cycle tinkering and taking photos of wildlife.


.andy arthur

Andy is the man behind the distinctive look of citycycling, his cover designs and 'minicyclists' giving that laidback-yet-classy feel to the whole venture. You can find out more about Andy, and his designs, by visiting his site at The Magnificent Octopus.


.sam fleming

A force of nature with a startling capacity for writing ideas. And fortunately there are those that find their way into our pages. Sam is something of a homegrown cycling guru, and there's pretty much no topic off-limits. Visit the Raven Family for more of her great stuff.



Bruce is a bit of a bonus for us (b'dum tish). A relative re-convert to cycling, a former weightlifter (to check the weight of a bike has a 'finger' test). With a gorgeous and witty turn of phrase, he also has the best beard of the troupe.


.david gardiner

Every publication needs a wildcard, so we got ourselves a recumbentist! David Gardiner not only rides recumbents, he attempts conversion through running tours and selling the contraptions, through Laid Back Bikes. Quirky? Hell yes!


.madam raven
.madam raven

Madam Raven is our monthly agony aunt, dispensing her knowledge and... sarcasm.... in equal measure. You can email any questions to madamraven@citycycling.co.uk and the best will be answered each month. Just don't annoy her. Trust us.



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